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Submit by: 24 Nov 2023 (flexible, dm us!)

What we're looking for: 18+ queer artists/writers/etc BASED IN SCOTLAND. innovative responses to the theme. we prioritise trans artists forever and always <33

Issue 3 will explore parties and clubs as a SPACE through queer perspectives- clubs r often quite gendered, or places where genders melt into each other. celebrate the physicality of the environment created by laughter, raised limbs, twinkling mesh and teeth, sweaty skin! be funny, earnest, horny. share anecdotes from your first gay club experience or missed connections. what runs through your head when you’re dancing, or is your mind totally & blissfully focused on your movements? make some gay ass art about it and send it our way

further insp: flirting, sensory experience and distortion, strangers and friends, alcohol/drugs/sobriety in the partyscape, club toilets (never forget our g*ndershit roots), clubwear, house parties, kink parties, drunk conversations

for this issue we are prioritising traditional media in our visual art submissions. bring your collage, messy monoprints, blurred film photos-show us the texture of queer partyscape through mixed media! we are particularly interested in reaching more photography and poetry + writing based contributors, so please share with anyone you know who may be interested!


Submissions should be:

  • Print quality (300+ DPI)

  • Colours for this issue: black, white, purple (#8146ff) - b&w is also good!

  • The zine will be A5 but your submissions don’t have to be! if they are, consider bleed for your submission and ensure nothing too important is on the edges

  • If you have any questions or are thinking of doing a double page spread, dm or email us and we’ll get back to you!

To submit: email with your name (pseudonyms welcome), where in scotland you are based, and any other contextual information for the piece you’d like us to know or include. all chosen contributors receive a free shipped copy of the issue and some ££

note: we’re looking into risoprinting this issue- this being said submissions DON’T have to be in risoprint-friendly format, but we will be doing 2 colour riso (purple and black ink). dm us with any questions on this as well! we will email all chosen contributors with more details once we have them


We are so so excited to see everyone’s work!!!!!!!! <333 ^_^ 


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